Utuapu In English

Utuapu Inc. was founded in 2013 to promote the usa of solar energy in Finland. The world is facing unprecedented challenges with oncoming climate change but we believe solar energy is one of the most important ways to mitigate its affects. In the coming years solar energy will be the cheapest energy source available so its large-scale implementation will save in costs in the long run. Solar heating is especially suited for the Finnish climate as storing heat from summer to winter can be arranged in a cost-effective way. We aim for the solar energy business in Finland to grow a hundredfold from what it was in 2013.

We design products and systems based on solar energy and heat. We consult on solar plant projects and business as well as conduct marketing research. We also offer training in the field and in 2016 Utuapu edited a book on solar energy in Finland. The book, written in Finnish, can be purchased from the publisher's online shop as well as selected bookstores nationwide.

We work with schools, research facilities, businesses, municipalities as well as private real estate companies. Want to hear more? Contact company CEO Markku Tahkokorpi at markku.tahkokorpi@utuapu.com.